Company Description:

EASTech Chemical focus on curing agent in rubber products is committed to the development of advanced processes, continuous production through automation and control systems to ensure product stability. Online real-time monitoring system ensures manufactory safety and provide employees a good working environment.

In year 2004, EASTech Chemical technical team developed new production process with our know how intellectual property, and we are the first producer of insoluble sulfur with high-temperature stability (HTS120 °C x15min.> 45%) in China, products are the world's major tire company certification and adoption.

In year 2010, EASTech Chemical build up new plant in Changhua Coastal Industrial Park of Taiwan, the production capacity: insoluble sulfur 6,000 tons / year, oil treatment curing agent (S-95N) 6000 tons / year. Equipped with DSC, particle size analysis, strict quality control testing facility for stability material, through the ISO9001 quality management system, to provide high-quality, stable products and services.

Business philosophy:

Innovation breakthroughs, The pursuit of excellence, Quality, Contribute to the community

Company measures for environmental safety/healthy
  1. Follow rules :
    Follow surroundings & professional safety/healthy rules & other required items.
  2. Generally speaking :
    Rich in skills, informing organize workers, so that they'll know their responsibilities in performing management system.
  3. Communication :
    Strengthening organize workers' cooperation, establishing communication for appropriate response.
  4. Risk control :
    To offer certain plans to control wastage, fire, electrification, falling, squeezing, damaging materials, etc.
  5. Maintain achievements :
    Prevents contamination, injuries& sickness, make standards & plans to maintain improvements & achievements.
Mission Statement

Our company is derived in these commitments

Quick Delivery:
we know your needs, and " Time is essential ". By offering you, our customer, with the most prompt and efficient delivery time, you will be able to have the quickest inventory turnaround for you and your customers

Quick Response:
whether you need assistance, or simply need a few questions answered, we will reply for all of your needs ASAP.

Best Service:
to give you the best service needs, we are confident that you will be proud of us, and will continue to let us help you in making all your needs possible.

Best Quality:
By having a QA team, all products made are completed after a series of inspection, and checkpoints to maintain all final materials to have 100% quality assure for you. We stand by our products with the prime materials to produce the best quality for you.

Competitive Price:
In order to stay on top, we continue to offer you a competitive price in the market to insure our reachable to any individual and business.

Well Stock Inventory:
we want to make sure we have all the resources and materials available upon your request. Since we have a splendid and superb relationship with our suppliers, we are confident to tell you that we have a well stock inventory as your request.